Trading Everest Software Review

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Trading Everest Review

If you want to make money online, you must also be willing to invest in yourself. It’s as plain and simple as that. According to the so-called experts, a decent conversion ratio is right around one percent. In Trading Everest review other words, one out of every one hundred visitors to your website converts to a sale. Personally, I think a one percent conversion ratio sucks! My website consistently converts right around ten percent. And so do a lot of my Internet Trading Everest review marketing colleagues. I can assure you, the websites of superstars like Marlon Sanders, Terry Dean and others convert a lot higher than one percent. Why? Well, besides knowing what we’re doing, we’re also ultra-competitive Trading Everest review and don’t settle for mediocre results. And with very few exceptions, a one percent conversion ratio is mediocre. Unless you’re selling a big-ticket item and making $100 or more per sale, it’s extremely difficult to make any real money with only a one percent conversion ratio. Of course, there are exceptions Trading Everest review to every rule, and if your website is attracting mega traffic like Yahoo, then obviously you can do quite well with a one percent or lower conversion ratio. But what Trading Everest scam if you don’t have mega traffic–and most websites don’t. Then what?

What if you’re selling a $20 e-book and you’re only attracting a hundred visitors a day to your website? With a one percent conversion ratio, that means Trading Everest scam your website is making a measly $20 a day. And believe me, that’s much more common than you realize. However, what if you could improve your conversion ratio to five percent? All of a sudden, you’re making $100 a day with the same amount of traffic. Improve your conversion ratio to ten percent Trading Everest scam and voila, that $100 a day turns into $200 a day! So, how do you go about improving your conversion ratio? Well, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a trustworthy and credible website. People buy from  Trading Everest scam websites they trust. For instance, is the design of your website up to par? Is it easy to navigate, or are you using distracting flash or stupid, meaningless Trading Everest system graphics that don’t mean a damn thing and take forever to load? Simplify your website. Get rid of the flash, graphics and pop-ups! Do you have your own domain name, or does yours contain names like, “Geocities”, “Angelfire” or “Tripod”?

Trading Everest System

Be a professional. Get your own domain name. Trading Everest system Prove what you say. Back up your claims with cold, hard, indisputable and verifiable facts? Put your name, telephone number and street address on your website? Use authentic customer testimonials, complete with first and Trading Everest system last names? Make sure you get your customers permission first. Offer a fair and reasonable money-back guarantee? Thirty days is good. Sixty or ninety days is better! Make it easy for your customers to pay. And offer a Trading Everest system variety of payment options. I can assure you, if you’re using Paypal only, you’re losing sales. There are a lot of people out there, myself included that just won’t do business with Paypal. It’s too much of a hassle! And most importantly Trading Everest software of all, you have to have a powerful sales letter. A strong and effective sales letter can blast your earnings into the upper stratosphere! It’s been said time and again that 95 percent of all online businesses fail. I don’t know Trading Everest software how accurate that statement is, but if it’s anywhere close to the truth, I know the reason why. Besides being woefully unprepared and under- financed, too many online businesses try to reinvent the wheel.

Trading Everest software In other words, instead of applying sound, proven advertising and marketing principles, most online businesses never even Trading Everest jason gaines bother to learn the basics. Instead of focusing on what people are actually buying, too many online Trading Everest software businesses try to force-feed people new products and ideas. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to be a pioneer. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying to come up with the next “big thing.” But before you even Trading Everest software attempt to undertake something of such magnitude, you really have to know what you’re doing. It’s not nearly enough to have deep pockets. The “Dotcom Bomb” proved that. And unless you have the kind of marketing expertise that is required Trading Everest jason gaines to “finesse” people into trying something new, I recommend you take the path of least resistance. Blazing new trails usually requires a great deal of luck, money, creativity and marketing expertise. The kind of resources that, quite frankly, most companies just don’t have. And even if they Trading Everest jason gaines do have the resources, that’s still no guarantee of success. That’s basically why so many dot-com companies are dropping like flies. And will continue to do so. To be sure, there have been many, many great Trading Everest jason gaines success stories throughout history, regarding new and groundbreaking products. The “love drug,” Viagra is a perfect example of one such current product.

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